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Mini interview with David Rashed, by Dave Stewart:

He didn't have a whole lot of time to chat but I did manage to ask him:

1. Is Haywire getting back together? ANSWER......They never broke up. They have been on an extended break. At any time they could decide to become, shall we say, more active.

2. What about new material? ANSWER........They will play two new songs at Peakes Quay tomorrow night that have never been heard before.

3. Will there ever be a new CD? ANSWER.......They are writing songs and if they feel they come up with enough decent material and feel like going through that whole process again, they will do a new album. No plans are set.

The Peakes Quay show is a one-time-only show. There are no plans to tour. I don't think you'd see another cross-Canada tour unless there was a new album. If they do release one, they don't have to release it through Attic Records, but most fans I think would have guessed that. They have no ties with Attic and they control the Haywire name.