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From The Beginning.....First Bio

As a direct result of their recently released, self-titled EP, HAYWIRE have found themselves in overwhelming demand. Their new show includes the best of their original material, and an up-to-date list of the most danceable, current hits. Equipped with full concert sound and lights, HAYWIRE are meeting the challenges of supporting their newly recorded product with enthusiasm and determination.

Recorded at Phase 1 Studios in Toronto, the EP boasts five original tunes engineered by Lenny De Rose, who has also done work with Honeymoon Suite, Lisa DalBello and Strange Advance. There is every indication that once these dynamic tracks hit the charts, this mulit-talented group will be propelled into the national and international spotlight.

This band has left no stone unturned in its search for stardom--their high-energy stage show demanded attention on CBC's "Fame Game" in 1983, and anyone who witnessed their performance on CBC's "Rock Wars" in 1984, saw that these boys possess all the qualities required for success in the music industry. Originally for Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, the five members of HAYWIRE have been performing in the Maritimes since 1981, and have virtually grown up in the business. Their youthful approach to live entertainment is a breath of fresh air to all those who experience them.

Vocalist Paul MacAusland hits the stage with a verve of a star performer, his clear voice easily handling the material, he adds animation and professionalism to and already well-choreographed show. The rest of the band are equally proficient: Marvin Birt's brilliant guitar solos complement the strong, driving sounds of HAYWIRE's repertoire, and displaying obvious musical agility, David Rashed doubles on keyboards and guitar, while backing up MacAusland's vocals with perfect harmonies. Bassist Ronnie Switzer and Haywire's newest member, drummer Mac Cole, are the kick behind the positive, powerful sound that is comparable to this country's best.

This year, HAYWIRE have completed a successful cross-Canada tour, wont ten thousand dollars in Labatt's "Battle of the Bands", and opened in concert for CBS recording artist, Paul Young. With all this behind them, and a second national tour ahead, HAYWIRE are looking to the future through knowing eyes....Perhaps their search has ended, and their journey's just begun.

More to come.....

P.O. Box 3250, Halifax South, Nova Scotia, B3J 3H5

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