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     Finally the Maritimes have a rock/pop band they can judge not by their local popularity but by their nationwide commercial success. Based in Charlottetown, it is evident that Haywire has found a niche for commercial success that was not lost on their fans last night when they played to a near capacity, youthful 1,200 person audience at Roxy's. Aided by a better sound system and new light show, last night's Haywire concert was a much improved display of professionalism and showmanship from a year ago when they played on campus.

     However, the band still appears , understandably, to be feeling their way musically. Twelve months ago the Haywire show was mainly cover versions of current pop songs. Last night the band surprised many by playing nearly 20 original numbers. Not bad for a band fresh off a debut album that has stunned industry experts by nearing platinum status. Haywire is not a band with a fashionable social or Political message; but maybe more importantly, they have brought a breath of clean air to the Maritime music scene by capturing the essence of pop based rock and roll with bright eyed enthusiasm and clean cut energy. Its formula rock and roll; but its fun all the same.

     Haywire's simplistic lyrics, catchy hooks and booming anthemic vocals have already registered huge success in the record charts. Since the release of their debut album "Bad Bad Boys" the band has enjoyed two number one singles and looks to be on their way with a third hit. It was their number one hits "Bad Bad Boy" and "Standing in Line" that received the greatest response last night while the addition to the show of a few ballads was an example of the true musical versatility of Haywire and band leader Paul MacAusland's maturing vocal range.

     There is little doubt the Haywire is destined for Canadian rock stardom. Their improvement over a single year can testify to that. They have become a very tight, talented band that simply needs to expand their horizons musically. To many of their younger fans who had not had an opportunity to see the band live, it was well worth the wait for their Roxy's performance which also marked the inauguration of a new non-liquor venue for the under 19 age group.