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By Alan Doerksen

The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, NB Sept 4, 1987

     Haywire, one of Atlantic Canada's favorite new bands, performed to an enthusiastic crowd of about 1,200 last night at the Aitken Center. Opening the show was Brighton Rock, a young band from Toronto. After a legenthy intermission Haywire took the stage, pumping out the hard rock for which they are best know. They began their performance with "Hard Reaction", an out-and-our rocker, and kept up the pace except for the occasional ballad.

     Singer Paul MacAusland was the focal point of the band, attracting sizeable crowd of girls to the front of the stage, with his stage antics. During one song, several girls stormed the stage, before being taken away by security. The keyboards of Dave Rashed were another highlight of he show, especially on the band's mellower numbers.

     Highlights of Haywire's performance were "Shot in the Dark" and "Standing in Line", two mid-tempo songs from their debut album., "Dance Desire", the bands latest single was s big crowd favorite, and featured good smoke and lighting effects. The band built up to a rousing finale with "Bad, Bad, Boys", their big hit from last year.

     After an enthusiastic response, they returned for an encore with a brand new song. After several successful appearances in Fredericton, we can expect Charlottetown-based rockers Haywire to return in the near future.