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By Lori Redding

The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, NB Sept 2, 1987

     The upward spiral coils higher for Eastern Canada's hottest pop/rock band, Charlottetown based "Haywire". their newest single "Dance Desire" has hit the tip of the charts and their two week old Maritime tour looks to be their best yet. Fredericton fans will get a taste of Haywire's new album "Don't Just Stand There" when the five member band performs at the Aitken Center Sept 3.

     Haywire's commercial success began soon after they won the battle of the bands in Saint John two years ago. They used the $10,000 prize money to produce their debut album with Attic Records. The first single "Bad, Bad, Boy" took less than a month to reach the top across Canada and the album "Bad Boys" went gold last summer. "The band has grown up a lot since their first album", said Sean Kilbride, in a recent interview from Nova Scotia. "It's a tougher sound, more mature, that makes it sound boring a bit, it's not at all, the excitement is still there", he said. Haywire started touring two weeks ago in Bathurst. Kilbride said they have been hitting smaller places in the Maritimes. "We've been playing everywhere. We wanted to try to headline so we can't stick to just the major centers". "It's too costly", he said. Charlottetown is one of the last stops on the tour. The hometown audience is "the best", Mr. Kilbride said. Haywire's audience has been typically young, their latest album should still appeal to the junior high crowd, said Mr. Kilbride, but he added the audience will probably widen.

     The themes of the song in "Don't Just Stand There" are more mature" he said "but it's still straight ahead rock". The new, highly-polished video to the hit single, "Dance Desire" has added to the band's high exposure. The black and white video has a grainy feel, some say it's similar to those of Duran Duran. "We worked with the right people this time, Champagne Pictures, so we didn't spend all that much more money" said Mr. Kilbride. Soon after their 30 day tour ends, the band heads off for the 18th world Popular song festival in Tokyo, Japan. Haywire was selected on the basis to the hit song "Dance Desire". they join a list of superstar Canadian performers like Luba, Corey Hart and Bryan Adams, who have already represented Canada at the festival.